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Periodontal disease is the number one disease in dogs and cats, creating a pet oral care market in the US that was estimated in 2015 at $775 million and growing at 33% annually.


Bacteria in the mouth cavity form plaque and tartar buildup, leading to gingivitis and periodontal disease. Kane Biotech recently introduced its companion pet water additive and oral spray into the veterinary and pet specialty markets.

This patent-pending technology works against dental disease-associated bacteria by altering the mouth’s environment. It breaks through dental biofilm – a highly structured, matrix-embedded microbial population – leaving bacteria otherwise inaccessible exposed for eradication by a microbial agent. The products are approved by Health Canada’s Low Risk Veterinary Health Products (LRVHP) program.

Kane Biotech has both in vitro and in vivo third party clinical studies to show that the product is effective against bacteria associated with dental plaque, tartar and periodontal disease. It is palatable and acceptable to dogs and cats, and is superior in terms of safety and efficacy compared to other commercially available products.

“StrixNB has proven to be an effective oral care product for dogs and can be used as an important part of the regular pet oral care program I recommend to my clients.”

– Dr. Noel Catrysse DVM

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bluestem™ oral care products are available in the pet specialty channel, and all contain coactiv+™, a unique blend of food-grade ingredients scientifically formulated to break down biofilms, where harmful bacteria multiply.

Our existing products include bluestem oral care water additive and oral spray. A toothpaste is currently under development and targeted for commercialization in Q3, 2016.

bluestem products include:

  • bluestem water additive – original flavour
  • bluestem water additive – chicken flavour
  • bluestem water additive – vanilla mint flavour
  • bluestem oral spray



StrixNB products are available in the veterinary channel. It is unique because it works against dental disease-associated bacteria by altering the mouth’s environment. During testing, veterinarians found 92% of dogs using StrixNB showed significant improvement in their dental health and oral hygiene.

StrixNB products include:

  • StrixNB water additive
  • StrixNB oral spray
  • StrixNB powder



Alosera Shampoo for dogs, cats, and horses works against atopic dermatitis bacteria and fungi by altering the environment they live in. It breaks through biofilm, exposing bacteria and fungus to their planktonic free floating state where they are easy to kill by a microbial agent. During testing, veterinarians found that over 90% of dogs using Alosera Shampoo showed significant improvement in their skin and coat.

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