About Us

We are a Canadian-based technology company engaged in the development and commercialization of products that prevent and remove microbial biofilms.

About Kane

The Company was formed in 2001 to study the genetic mechanisms of biofilm formation, which has led to the discovery of novel compounds that inhibit or disrupt biofilms.


To be a global leader in creating innovative technologies for licensing and product commercialization that breakdown and disperse biofilms.


To discover and commercialize unique and compelling technologies that will prevent biofilm related infections in human and animal healthcare as well as biofilm related problems in industrial applications.

Corporate Strategy

Kane Biotech is a discovery and development company focused on novel products that prevent and disperse bacterial biofilms. Kane was formed to translate these discoveries into innovative solutions for human and animal health, as well as industrial applications. Kane’s commercial strategy is to create value for shareholders through the establishment of global partnerships and licensing agreements with leading companies to commercialize our innovations. To de-risk our technologies towards commercialization we will conduct more advanced clinical studies and achieve regulatory and safety certifications.


  • Internal discovery of novel technologies that inhibit and disperse biofilms and control microbial infections
  • In-licensing of exclusive, novel biofilm technologies: University of Toronto and University of Manitoba – Canada, Rutgers University – USA


  • Develop and test prototypes
  • Conduct pre-clinical performance tests
  • Examine durability, stability and biocompatibility
  • Joint development agreements or partner assisted clinical trials


  • Partnerships or licensing agreements are developed with leading companies to manufacture and commercialize products.
  • Test products for market acceptance and create brands for market launch.

Understanding Biofilms

Biofilm science is a relatively new technical discipline that has emerged in response to the tremendous opportunities and significant costs resulting from damage caused by biofilms.

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