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Kane Biotech is THE Biofilm Company with 81 patents and patents pending. Biofilms exhibit a mode of growth that allows survival in a hostile environment, so it is not surprising a considerable number of chronic bacterial infections involve biofilms. New understandings of how biofilms develop and propagate suggest ideas for preventing and eliminating them.

We would like to introduce a few of our Kane Biotech team members who are committed to the research and development of products to meet the demand for safe and effective anti-biofilm compounds for a variety of industries and applications.

Meet Our Kane Biotech Team: Dr. Nanda Yakandawala

Dr. Yakandawala (known as “Nanda” in our office) joined Kane Biotech in 2003 and is Vice President of Research & Development. Nanda leads Kane’s research efforts and is passionate about innovation and new product development. Under Nanda’s leadership, Kane’s research team developed the water additive, shampoo, and DispersinB® wound gel. He is a leading expert in biofilms and widely published in this field.

Originally graduating with his B.Sc. from the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka, Nanda completed his M.Sc. in biotechnology at the University of Adelaide in Australia followed by his Ph.D. in molecular biology at the Swiss Federal Institute in Zurich.

Meet Our Kane Biotech Team: Miloslav Sailer, PhD

Miloslav (“Mila”) is Kane’s R&D Lab Program Manager. He loves being involved in every step of product development, from fundamental research to product design and testing to product realization. In his free time, Mila likes to play soccer, ball hockey, squash, chess, and “soccer tennis” (or “nohejbal” a popular sport in Czech Republic, Mila’s country of birth).

A lover of camping and the great outdoors, he also enjoys hiking with his wife, daughter, and Siberian husky, and hopes to one day take a family road trip to the Yukon and NWT.

Meet Our Kane Biotech Team: Adetola Adeniji

Adetola is a valued member of Kane’s Research & Development Team in her role as Research Laboratory Technician. After completing a university co-op where bacteriophages were studied for bacterial infections, Adetola developed an interest in studying other alternatives to antibiotics for disease treatment.

At Kane, she enjoys working in an environment where she can translate what she has learnt in theory into practice and observe the results. In Adetola’s free time, she loves to travel, hike, solve puzzles, and sleep.

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