Kane Biotech 2021 Business Update Series

Episode 1: “The Fundamentals”
Intended to offer the viewer a sense of Kane’s market opportunity and how it is differentiating itself in its quest to solve the biofilm problem behind the various health, environmental and societal conditions that other businesses or communities are trying to solve.

Episode 2: “Charting New Territory With DermaKB™”
Consumer Products, or OTC: Charting new territory with DermaKB™ hair products and scalp therapies. Kane’s Director of Marketing, Wendy Nachtigall, tells us about recent oversubscribed consumer trials providing optimism in the potential for a commercial partnership.

Episode 3: “Stem Animal Health”
Get an overview and update on STEM Animal Health, Kane’s joint venture with UK-based Animalcare. The discussion will include STEM’s CEO, Kevin Cole. Learn how our innovation in oral care for dogs and cats is creating new market opportunities across several complementary categories in this $150 billion market.

Coming Soon

Episode 4: “The Financials”
Ray Dupuis, CFO, explains how innovation across each business segment is being funded – whether managing the cash burn to run the business or through the ongoing identification of potential sources to secure interest-free loans and grants from public sector innovation or science funds.

Episode 5: “Wound Care & Wrap Up”
Before wrapping up the series with a summary of Kane’s strategic objectives and direction for the upcoming 3-5 years, Marc Edwards, CEO speaks to the last of Kane’s pillars and perhaps the largest one from a dollar and market standpoint – wound care. Learn about Kane’s progress in this business segment as well as the endorsement and support it is receiving from the US Department of Defense and, in Canada, the Western Economic Diversification Business Scale-up and Productivity program.