DermaKB™ Offers Personalized Scalp Solutions Developed by Kane Biotech

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The largest organ in a human body is the skin, and each person’s skin is 100% unique. That is why it is so important that your scalp products are perfectly tailored to your unique skin challenges.

DermaKB™ products are developed by Kane Biotech, who is leading the advancement of technologies and products that break up biofilms and destroy bacteria. Kane has translated these discoveries into innovative solutions in both human and animal health, creating smarter ways to fight bacteria. Kane has 80 patents and patents pending in biotechnology focusing primarily on biofilm.

Recent research has indicated that the persistence of biofilms may be linked with aggravating the symptoms associated with common scalp conditions, such as dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. Kane developed a scalp detoxifier and shampoos designed to break down biofilm and offer personalized scalp solutions.

DermaKB™ Scalp Detoxifier does not use any harsh ingredients and has been approved by the Canadian Dermatology Association to meet the requirements of their Skin Health Program, which means it has a low potential for irritation, is fragrance-free or unscented, does not contain most common allergens, and does not block pores of the skin.

“Consumers can benefit by using skin care products and cosmetic products that do not contain specific ingredients that have the potential to cause irritation and negative reaction of the skin. This product meets the criteria of the Canadian Dermatology Association’s Skin Health Program.”

For your personalized scalp solution, we provide an enhanced set of instructions for the use of the DermaKB™ Scalp Detoxifier.

Here are the baseline instructions to start with:

“Shake well before using. Apply before showering and massage onto affected skin areas on a dry scalp. Leave on for 10 minutes. Once in shower, lather and wash your hair by adding a small amount of warm water, then rinse well. Use daily until a noticeable improvement in symptoms, then use weekly for maintenance. We recommend using in combination with DermaKB™ Biofilm Shampoo, which is suitable for daily use. If desired, follow with your favorite conditioner.”

Personalize your Scalp Solution

Now that you are familiar with basic application instructions of our DermaKB™ Scalp Detoxifier, you can tailor how you use you use the product to address your unique scalp symptoms to maximize your results:

  • Try the baseline instructions of 10 minutes when first applying, and step up the dry application time to 15 minutes, 30 minutes, as needed.
  • Remember to use every day until you see an improvement, and then gradually reduce to once a week for maintenance (continue to use DermaKB™ Shampoo on regular shampoo days).
  • If your symptoms are severe, you may need to leave the DermaKB™ Detoxifier on your dry scalp longer before washing and rinsing with water.
  • If your scalp is excessively oily, try washing your hair and scalp with DermaKB™ Shampoo first before using our Scalp Detoxifier. This allows the Detoxifier to start working on your scalp symptoms immediately instead of having to break through the layer of oil first. Be sure to dry your scalp/hair prior to applying the Detoxifier.
  • Try using the DermaKB™ Detoxifier to treat beard dandruff (often caused by a fungus/yeast called Malassezia).

The results from the consumer trial showed that over 80% of participants who identified having scalp irritation before the trial saw an improvement in their symptoms after trying our DermaKB™ Scalp Detoxifier and Shampoo. You can read more about our DermaKB™ consumer trial results here: DermaKB™ Trial Results.

Learn more about DermaKB products or ask a question.

If you have any questions, want to learn more about DermaKB™ products, or learn more about Kane Biotech, feel free to contact us.


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